The Sirovilla Story

A rich past and exciting future – Sirovilla Retirement Village

Sirovilla Elderly People’s Homes Inc. was established in the early 1970s by the Social Club of the CSIRO in Belmont and became an autonomous body in 1972.

The first eight single room units were opened in Highton in 1975 with the remaining 56 units built in stages. The most recent units (Stages 6 & 7) were funded through the Victorian Government’s Social Housing Program.

Our community facility and offices were added in 2008 and in all there are 45 one-bedroom units and 19 two-bedroom units at the village.

Lions Village Anglesea

Lions Village Anglesea was established and managed by the Lions Village Anglesea Inc. until 2013, when ownership and management was taken on by Sirovilla Elderly People’s Homes Inc. Now our retirement home in Anglesea is comprised of 18 units.

Two Villages, Central Management

Following the transfer of Lions Village Anglesea in 2014 to Sirovilla Elderly People’s Homes Inc. the organisation changed its name to Sirovilla Inc. The organisation is responsible for managing both villages.

Our villages are genuine communities, with a rich past and history of investment in quality workmanship, grounds keeping and social events.

A warm and welcoming retirement option; talk to us about joining the Sirovilla family and share our exciting future.

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