Who is eligible to live at Sirovilla?

Residents need to be 62yrs of age and in receipt of a Centrelink income at the time of admission.

Where are the Villages located?

Highton (64 units), both one and two bedrooms.

Anglesea (18 units), both one and two bedrooms.

Point Lonsdale (16 units), one bedroom only.

Can anyone apply for a 2-bedroom unit?

No, these units are for couples of anyone wishing to share – an individual can not apply to live alone in a two bedroom unit.

Can you apply for any Village?

You can apply for any Village, but you need to have a connection to the Surf Coast to apply for Anglesea and a connection to the Bellarine to apply for Point Lonsdale.

Does Sirovilla own the Villages?

Sirovilla owns Highton and Anglesea. Point Lonsdale is leased through Bellarine Community Health.

What happens after I apply and how long is the wait time?

You are notified that your application has been received and you are placed on the register of interest. The wait time varies but it is helpful to know that Sirovilla is a long-term option, you can expect to wait more than 5 years.

How are units allocated?

When a unit becomes available it is offered to the next person on the register of interest. If they do not accept, it is offered to the next person on the list. There needs to be a valid reason to decline the offer. If an offer is not accepted again the applicant will not retain their position on the register of interest.

What if I am in crisis or have been given a notice to vacate?

Sirovilla does not offer emergency accommodation, it is long term affordable housing. We appreciate that many people are in need, offers are made based on the next person on the list.

How is rent calculated?
Rent is paid fortnightly and at an amount equal to 25% of household income and 100% of rent assistance.

For example, you may receive:

$1000 a fortnight from Centrelink and other income such as shares or superannuation so you would pay 25% of this in rent, which would equal $250.


You may get $150 a fortnight in rental assistance, which would be 100% payable to Sirovilla.

so, the total rental payment would be

$250 from income + $150 from rent assistance = $400 a fortnight

Is there a Bond?

Yes, a bond equivalent to 2 weeks rent is required. This is refundable upon exit.

What does the rent cover?
The rent covers the operating costs of the village including:

  • Repairs and maintenance to the interior and exterior of your unit
  • Management and administration of the Village
  • Council rates – land
  • Building and public liability insurance
  • Utility payments for any communal areas
  • Staff wages and related costs
  • Legal and auditing fees
  • Grounds maintenance

Who is responsible for the gardens and maintenance?

Residents are responsible for the gardens attached to their units. Sirovilla maintains all communal areas.

What happens if I want to move or am no longer able to live independently?

Each situation is unique, and we appreciate this can be a difficult time for some. Sirovilla will work with you and your family to assist you during your transition.

Do all residents need to pay an in-going contribution?

No. It is based on a person’s ability to pay. We determine this based on the hardship limit through Centrelink. This is currently (2023) $28514 for singles and $42988 for couples. If someone has less than this amount in assets there is no ingoing contribution to make.

How is the in-going contribution calculated?

It is calculated at 40% of assets and capped at $60k.

This is amortised over 10 years which means each year 10% is non refundable.

After 10 years there is no refund.

Some examples:

  • If someone had $20k. No ingoing contribution is required as this is below the hardship limit mentioned above
  • If someone had $100k they would be required to pay an ingoing contribution of $40k, which is 40% of the $100k. If they left after 5 years, $20k would be refunded, 10% x 5years = 50% not refunded
  • If someone had $300k they would pay the max $60k. If calculated at 40% of the $300k it would be $120k but as mentioned the maximum to pay is $60k. Amortisation applies

Are there any other services?
Our model is independent living, there are no support service offered by Sirovilla. Residents live in individual units and may receive support such as meals on wheels, home help and, if required, a personal call alarm service.  Residents are required to arrange these support services themselves with family, friends, or case managers.

What about pets?
Small pets are permitted with management approval in units that have a courtyard that is suitable for pets. Approval for pets is subject to the pet policy.

Is there a bus for the Village?

Sirovilla has a bus that can be booked if residents wish to go on outings. We have volunteers that are willing to help transport. The outings are usually organised through the social clubs at each Village.

Is there parking at the Villages?

Each Village is a little different. Highton has onsite parking, this varies from garages, carports and general outside parking. The garages and carports are allocated based on a waiting list. Anglesea has garages and carports for all residents on site. Point Lonsdale has some parking onsite, none of which is undercover.

Is there an office on site or Community Centre?

Our main office is based in Highton, where there is also a Community Centre and library. Anglesea also has a community hall and office space, staff visit weekly. At Point Lonsdale we have a communal space to gather that is also shared with staff – there is no communal kitchen at this Village.

If you have any other questions, please give us a call on (03) 52 411517 or email us at info@sirovilla.org.au