Who Owns Sirovilla?

Sirovilla Incorporated is the legal entity responsible owning and managing Sirovilla Retirement Village in Highton and Lions Village Anglesea. The name of the organisation was changed from Sirovilla Elderly People’s Homes Inc to Sirovilla Inc. in 2014.

Does Sirovilla manage the villages under the Retirement Villages Act?

Yes, both Sirovilla Retirement Village in Highton and Lions Village Anglesea are registered as Retirement Villages and are managed under the Victorian Retirement Village Act (1986).

Who can live at Sirovilla Highton and Lions Village Anglesea?

The majority of units are reserved for low income Victorians who would otherwise qualify for public housing. For such units no ingoing contribution is required but potential applicants must meet the Victorian Office of Housing eligibility criteria which is income and asset less than $30,000. Units are also available for persons who do not meet these criteria (self-sponsors) who are able to partially fund a unit. Self sponsor households are are required to pay an ingoing contribution as well as a rent.

What is an ingoing contribution?

For self sponsor households an ingoing contribution between $25,000 and $58,000.is charged depending on the size of the unit. The ingoing contribution is amortized over 10 years at 10% per annum. For example, if you paid an ingoing contribution of $58,000 and left after 5 years, you or your estate, would receive a refund of $29,000 (50% of $45,000). After 10 years no refund is payable. These figures are for 2013 and are increased annually in line with CPI increases.

What is it like living in a retirement village?

Living in a village isn’t a life style that suits everyone but it does suit a lot of people very well. There are some benefits of living in a community like Sirovilla:

Less responsibility for home and grounds maintenance
Fixed rent indexed to pension
Independent living for as long as required
No complicated formulas when moving out.

Is there a minimum age for admission?

All applicants must be at least 55 and in receipt of at least $1 from Centrelink. This usually means people are eligible to apply for a Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affairs aged pension or a disability support pension.

How is rent calculated?

Rent is paid fortnightly and at an amount equal to 25% household income and 100% of rent assistance. Often this amount is even less for smaller units. Sirovilla uses an income statement from Centrelink to determine the amount of rent paid.

Rents increase annually and because rents are linked to income rents will be increased to reflect an increase in pensions and other benefits. Rents will only increase if income has increased.

What does the rent cover?

The rent covers the operating costs of the village including:

Repairs and maintenance to the interior and exterior of your unit
Management and administration of the Village
Maintenance of all common areas
Council rates (land and water)
Building and public liability insurance
Utility payments for communal areas
Staff wages and related costs
Legal and auditing fees
Grounds maintenance

Residents are responsible for their own small gardens and for insuring their own belongings. Residents are also responsible for electricity use, telephone and is most cases water usage.

Are there any other costs?

Residents pay their own electricity and telephone charges.

What about Rent Assistance?

Commonwealth Rent Assistance is available to eligible pensioners through application to Centrelink or Veterans Affairs.

What facilities are provided within the villages?

A central community Centre is the focal point of both Villages. Both Village Centres have an all-purpose room, small library, a fully equipped kitchen and an administration area. There are also computers providing internet connection at no charge for residents. Residents are encouraged to use this space. These spaces can also be hired our by residents for a small fee for birthdays and family functions.

Is there a recreational centre and resident’s committee?

The Village Centres serve as the recreational centre of each village with a variety of activities conducted including indoor bowls, exercise classes, bingo, and film showings. Both sites have an active groups of residents who organise social functions for residents. Information sessions and talks are also conducted in the Centres.

Are there any other services?

Residents live in individual units and can receive support services such as meals on wheels, home help and, if required, a personal call alarm service. Residents are required to arrange support services themselves.

What about pets?

Small pets are permitted with management approval in units that have a courtyard that is suitable for pets. Approval for pets are subject to the pet policy.

What happens when I want to move?

Ideally we request four weeks’ notice; however this isn’t always the case. We do appreciate as much notice as possible and we will work with you to minimise any time spent paying rent unnecessarily from your Sirovilla unit and your new housing.

If a resident is assessed as needing permanent care we will require family or friends to move the resident’s belongings. Resident will incur a charge if Sirovilla is responsible for the moving of furniture and a general tidy up.

We also require exiting residents to pay for a steam clean of the carpets. It is often easiest to leave the money to cover the cost of the steam clean and we will arrange for it when all the furniture is moved out. Vacating checklist.

Where a self sponsor vacates the premise within 10 years, they are eligible for a refund on the remaining portion of the ingoing contribution calculated to the day the keys are handed in. The timing of the refund is defined by the Retirement Villages Act and clearly stated in the Residence Agreement. Typically the refund is provided when a new resident moves in or within 6 months, whichever is sooner.

What happens when I can no longer live independently?

Sirovilla residents must be able to live independently. This includes residents who source external supports such as home help, daily living assistance, meals delivery and other services.

Only in circumstances where a resident presents an unacceptable and unmanageable risk to themselves or neighbours may that resident be asked to find more appropriate accommodation. At Sirovilla, we work with support providers and family to assist with the process of finding more appropriate accommodation.