Why people choose Sirovilla

Sirovilla manage two beautiful retirement villages in Highton and Anglesea.  We provide long term,  affordable, independent living units for older persons under the Retirement Villages Act 1986.

Who can live at Sirovilla Highton and Lions Village Anglesea?

Sirovilla is unlike other retirement villages and unique to the G21 area, operating from Highton and Anglesea. The rental model is 25 per cent of the combined household’s income and 100 per cent of Commonwealth Rent Assistance. This equates to about 30 per cent of their income for rent, well below the market rate which is about 70+ per cent of their income (based on the aged pension). Unlike other retirement villages which charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to enter, Sirovilla residents with cash or cash equivalent assets greater than $24,500 for singles and $37,000 for couples pay an ingoing contribution for a long-term lease at a fraction above this threshold – capped at $60,000.  Sirovilla welcomes anyone 62 years and over.c

What our residents love about Sirovilla:

  • Independent living for as long as required and able
  • Privacy and security within a genuine community
  • Less responsibility for home and grounds maintenance
  • Maintenance fees and rent are indexed to increases in pension
  • No complicated formulas when moving out

Sirovilla allocates vacant age care units by await in turn list for both locations.

The eligibility criteria for our retirement villages:

  • Aged 62 years and over
  • Receiving a fortnightly Centrelink payment
  • Capable of living independently – there are no on site support services
  • Able to demonstrate a connection to the Geelong/Anglesea region/community

While there is considerable demand for this type of accommodation and it may take several years for applicants to be offered a unit we encourage you to talk to our wonderful team and submitting an application.

Contact us to find out more about our retirement homes in Highton and Anglesea, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you have.