Five things to look for in an age care unit

When it comes to deciding to move into an age care unit, you want to know you are making the right choice. We share our top five tips for what to look for (and ask for) when you are exploring aged care units for yourself or loved ones.

  1. Connected to community

When you move into an aged care unit, you don’t want to give up the things you love. Make sure you find a home that is close to amenities such as a senior citizen’s club, bowls clubs, a local shopping center, and coffee shops, parks and gardens, and your friends and family.

You should also confirm that public transport or a shuttle bus is available to get you out and about.

  1. Gardens and close to nature

Nature is music for the soul, and finding an aged care unit that offers some green space can make all the difference.

If you enjoy gardening, look for aged care units that offer you the chance to maintain a small garden, but also includes garden maintenance in the rent to cover the heavier work, so that you can just sit back and relax in the sunshine.

  1. Medical help close at hand

When you move into an aged care unit, you are still able to live independently, but of course, you want to know that there is help if you need it.

Ensure that your unit is close to a well-reputed medical centre, and also if needed that you can arrange for on-call support services.

  1. A place for visitors

Enabling friends and family to visit and stay is vital for your happiness and well-being.

Look for two bed-room units to set up a guest bedroom. Many aged care villages also offer spaces that can be hired out by families or friends for gatherings and celebrations.

  1. Fun and games, but privacy when you want it.

What’s life without a bit of fun? Seek out aged care units in Geelong that offer a variety of activities for you to enjoy.

Build good habits for your health and make new friends. Whether it’s Thai Chi, yoga, dancing, card games or karaoke, get involved and kick up your heels.

The beauty of living in your own unit is that you can also choose to take time out at home too, and close the door for some quiet time whenever you need it.

When you reach a certain age in life you want to feel safe and connected to a close community of friends and carers. If you are looking for an aged care unit in Geelong, Sirovilla offers all of these things and more. Talk to us today about how we can transform your golden years into something special.