Aged Care Living Vacancy at Sirovilla Retirement Village

Are you searching for a safe community to grow old in with your loved one? Then today is your lucky day as Sirovilla Retirement Village has a vacancy for 2 individuals, be it a couple or a pair of close friends to move into our comfortable two-bedroom unit. We at Sirovilla are well known for our vibrant village community and supportive aged care facilities, ideal for those aged 62 years plus to settle down and enjoy their retirement.

Our happy residents have chosen Sirovilla to live because of many reasons including the option for independent living, advanced security and privacy, centralised location in close proximity to hospitals and many more. We want our community to flourish, and thus offer residents various activity programs and lush village gardens. Whatever retirement life you want to live, you can do at Sirovilla.

Contact us today on (03) 5241 1517 or email us at to make an enquiry and to discuss personal circumstances and requirements. Get in quick before this unique opportunity is snatched up, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Aged Care Living Vacancy - Sirovilla Retirement Village